Reading these warm and fuzzy stories before heading to North Park for a Burlesque show:

DarlingMag_alternative warm weather vacays.jpg

Photo credit: Darling magazine


  • “Can Canada teach the rest of us to be nicer?” BBC – With an election year in full swin here in the States, the political climate is tense, mud is everywhere, and my social media feed is spewing with pontifications (yet, the freedom to do so is one of many reasons I feel privileged to be an American). In any case, this uplifting story about our neighbors to the North could teach us a thing or two about kindness, which sometimes, is all it takes to move this world forward.
  • “4 Alternative Warm Weather Escapes,” Darling – Call me a creature of habit if you want, but I love the island life; the spontaneity that can ensue when you know sandy shores are just a short ride away, the slower cadence, the sun. The sun especially. Here, some ideas beyond the usuals. (As an aside, if you’re all about the island life like I am, check out Islands Magazine’s #surroundmewithwater hashtag on Instagram and try to just scroll through for just a few seconds. You can’t.).


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