Reading these before spending as much of the weekend in the gorgeous San Diego sunshine:

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Photo: Conde Nast Traveler

  • “How to (really) pack for a year in one carry on,” Conde Nast Traveler – While I won’t be gone for a year in Europe later this year, a month is still lengthy considering my plan is to pack as light as I can without sacrificing too much comfort and style. My upcoming travels will be a mix of business, socializing, sightseeing and active pursuits, so I’ll be using this impressively thorough article as a study guide. Already on my shopping list: a chambray button down, that slick looking Tortuga travel backpack, portable charger and packing cubes.
  • “Under Armour’s bid to clothe outdoor athletes,” Outside magazineBy day, I work in public relations and marketing so this headline caught my eye. Under Armour’s presence seems to be snowballing (was that punny?) lately as they invest in celebrity spokespeople – ballerina Misty Copeland immediately comes to mind – and heavy investment in their women’s line, which I’ve seen included in articles and posts during my a.m. browsing of the likes of Refinery29 and SELF magazine, among others. I’ll be keeping my eyes open to see how their positioning strategy for their outdoor line plays out.
  • “How people learn to become resilient,” The New Yorker – I’m a fan of long reads that explore the hows and why of human behavior, so I was already interested in digging into this story even before reading a reference to my home island of Kaua’i in the middle of the article. The author explores the intricate layers leading up to an individual’s perception of a potentially traumatic event, her natural tendencies toward reacting to challenges and more. As with many things in life, it really boils down to the individual, her environment and what she decides to do when the struggle is real.


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