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For the last several years, the thought of an extended weekend trip never crossed my mind. I was hyperfocused on exploring as slowly as possible. Thanks to my new-ish freelance lifestyle, it was possible for me to work and play for two weeks in Colombia, or most recently, to stretch the limits of the Schengen visa to spend a summer in Europe.

While there, I sampled digital nomad life in a loosely structured environment in Barcelona with Unsettled and learned a lot about myself. Like, how it’s simultaneously distracting and rewarding to live and work from a new place with people who are just as interested and curious about people, pursuing passionate endeavors and new experiences as I am. To be completely transparent, this same experience ate away at my productivity, no thanks (but really thanks) to the cool people I met in the program and all of the horchata, vermut, tapas, sunset strolls, beach days and more.


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the curious passport-galaxy taco-alina mendoza photography-0667

Photo: Alina Mendoza,

When it comes to tacos, Southern California can’t be beat. From street corner food trucks, to that go-to shop with a generic sounding name and unflattering fluorescent lighting, and fancier establishments elevating a casual favorite, San Diego boasts what seems to be an endless number of tasty options.

To help wash it all down, an ice cold beer seem like the natural selection.

However, what if I told you that wine is as good of a pairing for tacos as beer? As a taco enthusiast and self-proclaimed dark beer gal, this subject is unfamiliar. On the other hand, the San Diego-based experts I spoke with below make it their job to navigate the world of wine pairings, and they’ve got the rundown for uncorking the best grapes to match your taco habit.

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#Triumphant after reaching South Fortuna Summit

San Diego, much like my other favorite cities (Denver, D.C.) is an outdoor mecca. My home base in particular plays host to boundless recreational opportunities from the shore, to the desert and peaks.

Speaking of peaks, thanks to Mission Trails Regional Park’s Five Peak Challenge I’m on track to complete two more of the five needed to round out the challenge. In the process, I’m discovering views of San Diego I haven’t seen yet and reorganizing my list of favorite trails.

So far, I’ve completed Cowles from the Big Rock Trail on one day, and South and North Fortuna summits on another. I’ll wait till I complete the challenge to share with you how I’ve ranked the park’s trails, so for now here’s a photo from the top of the South Fortuna Summit.

This was attempt number two; we ended up on a completely different trail the first go around and ran out of sunlight and energy to hit South Fortuna properly by the time we found the trailhead (it was mere steps away from the Tierrasanta entrance, where we parked our cars!).

 * * *

Saturated Saturday is a new photo series highlighting some of my favorite images, with enhanced vibrant colors courtesy of the photo editing apps I like at the moment. These include: VSCO, Instagram, A Color Story. Most photos taken with iPhone 5C.

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