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Snapseed 2

San Diego may be the eighth largest city in the country, but walkable pockets like Little Italy make it feel cozy and manageable. My mood guides my appetite, and most times I’m in the mood for strong coffee and sweet and savory foods prepared with no-fuss and quality ingredients. I’m also into the sort of places where you can linger as long as you like, and Little Italy is bursting with these establishments.

In the years that I’ve either worked and/or played Downtown, here’s my most-frequented eat and drink list in Little Italy:

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Death Valley Superbloom

Photo credit: California Sunday Magazine


Reading these before a visit to Y7 yoga studio in West Hollywood, home of beat bumping, endorphin pumping hip hop vinyasa #namas-heyyy:

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Trickling into Terra from an evening of karaoke, voices slightly hoarse, heads foggy from a slumber cut short by default – its been a while since I’ve exhausted myself till 2 am. We’d been imbibing the night before, yet we perked up when we learned that brunch includes three glasses of your choice; champagne or mimosas. Boozy brunches are what Sundays are made for (and rest, which we did plenty of after leaving the restaurant full and satisfied).

Roll your eyes if you must; maybe even mutter an exasperated, “Millennials,” as you breeze through the first paragraph. But indulge me, and i’ll give you something even better to roll your eyes at.

Sunday Brunch at Terra American Bistro, La Mesa.

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