Death Valley Superbloom

Photo credit: California Sunday Magazine


Reading these before a visit to Y7 yoga studio in West Hollywood, home of beat bumping, endorphin pumping hip hop vinyasa #namas-heyyy:


  • “The Lone Chef of Palmer Station, Antarctica,” Lucky Peach – Living in a “constant state of white and blustery winter,” would NEVER be my preference, but I can always get behind people’s creativity. For Mike Hiller, chef at Palmer Station, the U.S. research facility in Antarctica, creativity in the kitchen is critical for keeping bellies full and morale up.
  • “How to Get Lost On Purpose,” National Geographic – If your travel photo doesn’t make it to Instagram, did it really happen? These days we’re more connected than ever, and sometimes at the price of presence. I agree with all of the author’s tips for an authentic travel experience, including asking locals for advice, talking to strangers and when I know I have a chunk of time to explore, trotting around sans GPS.

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