Reading this as I continue plotting my itinerary for my upcoming trip to Europe! (…hmm, am I projecting here):

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Photo credit: Outside magazine


  • “The Hat: Keeping Pace with Madrid,” Wallpaper – Like a moth to a flame, I am instantly attracted to warm and communal spaces, especially if the environment incorporates natural woods, lots of plants and indoor/outdoor feel. Add a rooftop bar and it’s all over. That’s why I’m looking forward to my stay at this boutique hostel in the heart of Madrid.
  • “Becoming an American Expat in Poland,” Wherever – The author recalls a confluence of feelings between doing what is expected of him in American society and accepting his (potential) calling within. I feel like this is a recurring theme in many of the personal essays I’ve read about expat life, yet everyone has a unique story so this theme never gets dull for me. This, like the others like it, is a good read.
  • “28 Place to Go in 2016,” Outside – This list hit my inbox yesterday. While I was scrolling through their list of far-flung destinations and experiences, a familiar feeling made itself known in my chest. A yearning, an aching. Yep, there it is. Wanderlust manifesting itself once again. A beer-filled canoe tour in North Carolina, Basecamp Hotel in Tahoe City (ahem, see above) and surfing in Nihiwatu are just a few of the to-dos that has recently made my life list.
  • “Our Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel,” AFAR – Afar’s feature on how-to solo travel debuted in their February/March issue at the most opportune time as I prepare to embark on my first solo trip through Europe this year. I’ll have a few friends meeting me along my adventure, but for most of the way, it’ll just be me. Currently, I am excited and anxious with anticipation, though these stories did a lot to comfort my nerves and energize me for what’s to come.


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