Chelsea Wine Bar, El Lago, TX

I spent a late October afternoon gliding over Taylor Lake, just outside of Houston. Settling into a soothing rhythm of pulling my paddle through the water, knees slightly-bent, the pads of my feet gripping the wide board, I thanked my regular Pilates practice for keeping me standing upright. Steady strokes on each side offered a brief focal point for a scattered state of mind. Stillness found repetitive movement.

Afterward, we perched rooftop at Chelsea Wine Bar nearby. The rosé, paired with the gorgeous sunset pictured here helped to unwind as well.

Not pictured: The bevy of cakes that flooded our table once the sun went down. Hummingbird cake, Chocolate cake, White Chocolate Raspberry and Carrot. It was then that mind and body synced up; with crumbs on our plates and the sun completely out of site, we literally could not move.

* * *

Saturated Saturday is a photo series highlighting some of my favorite images, with enhanced vibrant colors courtesy of the photo editing apps I like at the moment. These include: VSCO, Instagram, A Color Story. Most photos taken with iPhone 6s.