Saturated Saturday_Bearpit Karaoke_Berlin


In this park, a crowd begins to gather. Guys carrying coolers strapped around their necks make easy change for a choice of brews. I read about this place in a side bar of Norwegian Air’s in-flight magazine, en route from Lisbon. The selling point: outdoor karaoke.

This park, Maueurpark, where pieces of the Berlin wall serve as acoustics for the open-air amphitheater that plays host to weekend sessions with no shortage of willing participants belting out the best of Celine Dion and more. It’s built into the grassy hill and offers a nice vantage point for people watching.

If you’ve had enough, one could get lost in the adjacent flea market. It’s full of vintage finds, graphic printed tees from local brick and mortars, accessories, and SNACKS.

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Saturated Saturday is a new photo series highlighting some of my favorite images, with enhanced vibrant colors courtesy of the photo editing apps I like at the moment. These include: VSCO, Instagram, A Color Story. Most photos taken with iPhone 6s.