As one sister returns to San Diego fresh from a 10-day cruise in the Baltic Sea that began in Copenhagen with stops in Berlin, St. Petersburg and Helsinki among others, the other is gradually pulling her plans together for a Greek Islands cruise in the Spring. Putting aside my envy of their past and pending travels, I am reminded that cruises can be an easy way to travel and experience new places.

That said, here are rive reasons to consider a cruise for your next trip:

  • 1. Sample multiple destinations with one plane ticket: Cruising is a practical way to get a taste for destinations you’d like to see yet would be ok without exploring any particular place in-depth. One doesn’t have to be chained to the extent of your walking abilities; onboard, book a shore excursion that oftentimes includes transportation to and from activities. During a cruise around Alaska, I signed up for a bike and brew tour during our stopover in Juneau.
Post-bike tour, headed towards the brew portion, my favorite.

Post-bike tour, headed towards the brew portion, my favorite.


  • 2. Peace of mind: Typically, cruising is an all-inclusive vacation. No need for individual research for accommodations, dining and recreational activities – it’s all on the ship! The entire itinerary has already been curated and all you need be mindful of are dining hours, entertainment show times and when the ship will pull into the next port of call.
  • 3. Value in variety: There will always be something to do onboard, from an early morning Zumba class, to an outdoor screening of the latest movie by the pool to duty-free shopping it’s difficult to imagine one with a loss for recreational stimulation. The best part is being able to walk to all of the activities mentioned above and more – again, it’s all on the ship!
  • 4. Unplug and over-indulge: At sea, you have no choice but to abandon your smartphone or pony up a fee for incredibly glacial internet service. Rather than get frustrated that you can’t “check-in” to the middle of the ocean, seek out the next buffet, have a private wine tasting on your balcony or sample all of the desserts at the coffee bar in the atrium. You’re on vacation. Feeling guilty about all of those calories? See morning Zumba class suggestion above. Also, you’re on vacation.
  • 5. Boozing in a safe environment: Practical and appealing.


What would you add? And what about all of the reasons NOT to take a cruise?