Reading these travel stories in solidarity with the notion that safety is never guaranteed, and fear is merely a sign that we need to look more closely at our insecurities within:

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Photo credit: Nowhere magazine


  • “Don’t Stop Traveling Because of Fear,” By Jodi Ettenberg, Legal Nomads – Blogger Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads urges readers to consider risk in context and think about the role fear plays in our daily lives. As I continue preparations for my upcoming trip to Europe, I share Jodi’s sentiments. To be honest, I am a little nervous. Yet, I am determined (with albeit a sense of heightened awareness, different from fear) to make the most of my trip abroad.
  • “What America Feels Like After 7 Months of Foreign Adventure,” By Chris Brinlee Jr., IndefinitelyWild – It’s easy to get wrapped up in our materialistic American culture, though even just one trip abroad will teach you there’s SO much more than the latest Kardashian update. I like the author’s matter of fact take on his lessons learned after extended time in Europe and Asia.
  • “If it is out there,” By Ryan C. Jones, Nowhere magazine – I’ve got a penchant for stories that hit close to home in the literal and figurative sense. Conversely, I’m also drawn to stories that are so far from the environment I’ve grown up in. Here, the author meets some wildly different characters in the frays of Middle America.


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