Canned wine on the beach in Grover Beach
Golden Hour at Grover Beach, California

Over one long weekend, I sipped and tasted my way through the terroir of San Luis Obispo County’s agriculturally-rich, coastal towns and valleys. The area is known for its sommelier-approved wines and excellent farmers markets, but the artisanal spirits distilled by local vintners and winemakers were news to me. And if you don’t live in the area, it’s probably news to you too.

Below are some photos from the central coast, including its burgeoning distillery trail, as well as Farmstead ED––a series of fun, educational workshops and events hosted by local farmers and purveyors. The beauty of local makers getting organized? Easy access to handy resources to point you in various directions on your next trip, especially if you’re into where your food comes from (I am!) Plus, a few makers I talked to during my visit mentioned locals are still discovering all of the bounty available to them at home, so before everyone else catches on, consider yourself an insider 🙂

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