We’re back this week with another tasty recipe from the #HaapsandBarleyXCuriousPassport series. One thing you’ll notice about these recipes is that they all call for fresh, natural ingredients and simple preparation for a delicious and nourishing meal. Nourish is the name of the game lately, quite literally.

For the several weeks leading up to my Eurotrip, I’m participating in my client partner Danielle Omar’s 21-day Nourish program, a clean eating challenge with three tracks; I chose the digestive track to learn how my body really reacts to gluten and dairy. I also have to remove added sugars and alcohol from my diet during the program…and caffeine. One week in and I’m no longer feeling massively hungover from those caffeine withdrawals, I already feel less bloated (except for last Saturday’s hall pass so I could attend the Pizza Walkabout I helped organize with my friends — I also had BEER) and the sluggish effects of the 3 p.m. slump have nearly dissipated. “Cheat day” aside, I’m totally onboard with Danielle’s approach to nutrition, “It’s about being a conscious eater, rooted in your own unique principles about how you feed yourself.”

That said, I’m excited to add Haaps & Barley’s recipes into my meal planning without much modification, like Jill’s recipe for chicken soup, below. Since the recipe calls for orzo, which has gluten, I’ll probably swap it out for quinoa or black rice.


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.51.18 PM


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