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Fennel has always been something I’d order in a restaurant, and it almost always played a supporting role in salads and soups.

That all changed this year, when I learned how to locate the bulbous vegetable (and cousin to the carrot) in the produce aisle and prepare it at home. I’ve been adding it mostly to a one-pot turmeric chicken dish until I saw this recipe from Haaps & Barley.

Here, fennel is the star of its own side dish, and according to Jill, braising it will tone down the licorice notes (aka star-anise) and bring out its sweetness. When it’s ready, pair with something savory, like roasted chicken. I paired mine with an herb-crusted baked salmon filet.



By Haaps & Barley


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After a month in Europe, which was heavy on the meats, cheeses and LIBATIONS, working more veggies in to my meal planning this month is at the top of my priority list. That, and accepting the fact that I have to drive everywhere again.

When I’m looking for a cheap and easy, plant based protein fix I turn to lentils and chickpeas. Usually, I’m eating them separately. In lentil soup, chickpeas in hummus form though never together.

With Haaps & Barley‘s take on a salad from one of her go-to Melbourne spots, I (and you, if you’re a fan of lentils and chickpeas too) can have the best of these nourishing ingredients. Jill says this salad can be served at room temperature, so it’s a perfect companion for your office lunch hour. Or, if you work from home like me, it’s ok to take it out of the fridge after making it the day before and forget about it in the kitchen while you “wrap up” a few emails, only to remember it an hour or two later.


Mixed grains salad

Photo by Haaps & Barley


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