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Reading these while trying to stay cool in San Diego this weekend (forecast warns temps to hit over 110 degrees in some parts of the county!). These two posts were especially vivid, as details often are when you are familiar with an experience.

My eyes skipped over the author’s thoughts, nodding in agreement as they describe the very scenes seen with my own eyes, name neighborhoods where I’ve clinked glasses and mugs and raised a shot to, and highlight proof point after proof point the urgent reasons one needs to visit NOW.

  • “Why Lisbon is Europe’s Most Underrated City,” By Julia Cooke, Conde Nast Traveler – It pains me a bit to share this one since I just got back from what is now my favorite city abroad. I know it’s absurd to think a gem like Lisbon can’t stay a secret for long (especially when you learn how far your US dollar will go!), though compared to mainstream European destinations like London, Paris and Venice, from an American perspective Lisbon feels like uncharted territory.
  • “Why You Need to Visit This Gangsters Paradise,” By Erum Jilani, AFAR – There are so many reasons to visit Panama in the next several years, though the sooner the better. Casco Viejo, Panama City’s old quarter and a UNESCO World Heritage Site is an endearing mix of history, quaint plazas, and a variety of eats and watering holes for every budget. Before you go, this post I wrote for Elite Daily will help you get your bearings.

Looking for more about Casco Viejo? Check out this post from my visit a few years ago.

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