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Reading these while trying to stay cool in San Diego this weekend (forecast warns temps to hit over 110 degrees in some parts of the county!). These two posts were especially vivid, as details often are when you are familiar with an experience.

My eyes skipped over the author’s thoughts, nodding in agreement as they describe the very scenes seen with my own eyes, name neighborhoods where I’ve clinked glasses and mugs and raised a shot to, and highlight proof point after proof point the urgent reasons one needs to visit NOW.

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Fresh fruits and vegetables abound in Valle de Anton, Panama. We took an hour bus ride (the kind that picks up passengers on the side of the road, even when there isn’t a designated stop) from Panama City for a ziplining adventure. This colorful market, which included an array of stalls selling trinkets and other souvenirs helped us pass the time while we waited for the bus back to the city after flying through the trees all afternoon.

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Weekend Reads is a weekly series on The Curious Passport and features a round-up of travel news, features and other related links (probably related to food, fitness or the outdoors) I’ve either found around the internet or has been sent my way by friends and family.

Photo credit: Passion Passport

Photo credit: Passion Passport


  • “A Local’s Guide to Eating in Taipei,” Passion Passport – I thank Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown show and a recent conversation with a friend over a Stone Levitation Ale last night for further stoking my desire to visit Taiwan as part of a South East Asia tour in the next several years. This post on Taipei’s plethora of dumplings, noodles, night markets and sweets is further evidence why I need to go. Will I be counting calories when I do go? No, that’s what the gym and kale are for.
  • Panama City Gets a Facelift,” W magazine – A well-written feature on an up-and-coming city. Having visited in April this year, the city is still very much like the piece described when published in November last year.
  • Seeing Mexico City, Guided by Architects,” New York Times – I am not an architectural aficionado, but can appreciate the focus and creativity it takes to produce a certain aesthetic and function. It’s interesting to see a different aspect of Mexico City highlighted in travel writing, as most of what I’ve read has been about the food, but that could just be me.
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