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Reading these while trying to stay cool in San Diego this weekend (forecast warns temps to hit over 110 degrees in some parts of the county!). These two posts were especially vivid, as details often are when you are familiar with an experience.

My eyes skipped over the author’s thoughts, nodding in agreement as they describe the very scenes seen with my own eyes, name neighborhoods where I’ve clinked glasses and mugs and raised a shot to, and highlight proof point after proof point the urgent reasons one needs to visit NOW.

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I’m excited to share my first post for Elite Daily has published! In it, I share ten reasons why you should visit Panama now. Read it here.

Once you’ve skimmed through that post – it’s an easy 3 minute read – and want more from my Central American experience, click through these posts from The Curious Passport archives:

If you’re a local reader and are looking for something to do this weekend in San Diego, how about embarking on Mission Trails Regional Park’s 5 Peak Challenge?

Reading these picks before brunch with the ladies at Great Maple in South Park (what should I order, in addition to the maple bacon doughnuts?!):

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