Reading these picks before brunch with the ladies at Great Maple in South Park (what should I order, in addition to the maple bacon doughnuts?!):

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.59.15 PM

Photo via AFAR

  • “Where to go in 2016,” AFAR – From the January issue of this experiential travel magazine comes a mix of recommendations of places to go to this year, from emerging destinations keen on luring visitors with improved infrastructure and changing policy, to updates to mainstream classics. This post on Portugal immediately caught my eye as I prepare for a trip to Lisbon and the (hopefully) gentle waves of Peniche* this Spring.
  • “The places every woman should go in 2016,” Refinery29 – Writer Alexandra Cheney, for whom “travel has become a lifelong destination,” (um, #goals by the way) shares her picks based on the places that have made an impression. Most of them have been positive, and others maybe not so much, though all of them meaningful.
  • “What do things cost in Nicaragua?” Along Dusty Roads – Because I’m always researching my next trip. When I return from Portugal, I’d like to explore a Nicaragua/Costa Rica combo jaunt. So far, my only taste of Central America has been a 2014 trip to Panama. It was there in the cobbled lanes of Casco Viejo and the San Blas islands when I decided, “I’m not done here.”


*I’ve got my eyes on this gem; Surfers Lodge Peniche.

* * *


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