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We’re already a third of the way through the year with no signs of slowing down. Here’s what you missed in April:

  • My first world problem freak out about how I intend to maintain my fitness routine abroad, although I suspect all of the eating I’ll be doing in Madrid and Lisbon this month will be the brunt of my “core” work 😉
  • This photo of a lazy Kaua’i afternoon in the North Shore
  • My friend Jill’s recipe for Curative Chicken Soup!

Here’s what’s happening in May and what you can expect in terms of more Curious Passport posts:

  • Tapas hopping in Madrid
  • Surfing in Portugal
  • Volcano hiking in the Azores
  • Wandering in Berlin

However, before I leave, I’m nearly finished with #FivePeakChallenge, hosted by Mission Trails Regional Park – here’s evidence of completing hike three of five to the top of North Fortuna Summit:



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Big Rock Trail, San Diego

Part of my preparation for my month-long trip to Europe next month includes making sure I’m in tip top shape. I’m not trekking the Camino de Santiago, as I mentioned in my last post but refusing a car rental (too cumbersome) for public transport and my own two feet inevitably mean hoofing it with everything I’ll need to work remotely, live decently and dress comfortably (and most of all cutely – duh) for the weeks I’ll be abroad.

To aid in some of that stamina building, some friends and I have our goals on Mission Trails Regional Park’s Five Peak Challenge, or #fivepeakchallenge on Insta.  To complete the challenge, summit to the top of the park’s five peaks, take a photo and force yourself to do some good foam rolling afterward. I added that last part only because the hurts so good part is worth it.

Pictured above is a view from the beginning of Big Rock Trail to the top of Cowles Mountain earlier this week, our first of five peaks. Hike two is scheduled for Tuesday; see you on the trail, or wish us luck!

* * *

Saturated Saturday is a new photo series highlighting some of my favorite images, with enhanced vibrant colors courtesy of the photo editing apps I like at the moment. These include: VSCO, Instagram, A Color Story. Most photos taken with iPhone 5C.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Hiking (well, leaping here) in New Zealand

With a month and change to go before I strap on my new Tortuga backpack to board a ten hour red eye flight to Europe, I’m freaking out. Not because I’m afraid of the current international climate, or because this will be my first long-term solo trip. These days, I’m Googling like mad for answers to my most pressing travel questions like, “How will I maintain my fitness routine abroad?”

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