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Sometimes I go to DeskHub to commune with other humans.

As a freelance travel writer based in San Diego, I work almost exclusively from home. Sometimes, I’ll pop into my co-working space in the Little Italy neighborhood. It’s one of my favorite corners of the city to eat and caffeinate but mostly, I post up at my dining table. It’s located equidistant from my fridge (gotta eat) and living room (aka my gym as of late). In other words, working from home is incredibly convenient. As exciting and tasty as the destinations I’m lucky to visit are, I personally enjoy returning home to a predictable environment after checking out Nashville’s music scene or Brussel’s art deco architecture for example.

That’s why I’m a big fan of online streaming workouts that prioritize technique and flowy choreography, like Barre3 online’s movement method that hones in on alignment, posture and personalized intensity. I also like that it gives me a curated workout playlist so I don’t have to search for a workout, though I do save and replay my favorites if I’m not into the selected workout of the day.

Body, Breath, Beats 21-Day Yoga Challenge

Update March 24, 2020: This morning, I received an email from Wanderlust announcing they are now offering free access to Wanderlust TV for 30 days.

Update March 23, 2020: The challenge has ended and you now have to pay for the yoga challenge below, however there are many fitness brands and studios offering limited-time free classes, or at the very least two-week free trials (string a bunch of them together and you’ve got a few months’ worth of free at-home workouts.) For example, CorePower yoga, Y6 yoga, Obé fitness are offering free classes/free trials online or within their apps. Others like Equinox are streaming free live fitness and meditation classes on social media, and so are health publications like Women’s Health; currently, they’ve got a rotation of guest instructors on Instagram Live.

This month though, I’m adding some of these yoga videos from Wanderlust’s Body, Breath, Beats 21-day yoga challenge. It actually began yesterday (March 4), though each of the 21 videos will be accessible for five days after it goes live. You can also sign up by email for free to get the videos delivered straight to your inbox this month. I have a feeling I’ll enjoy this series as each video focuses on a specific element of a solid yoga practice––breathing, side body work, an entire video dedicated to hip opening poses, and they’re all set to some dreamy instrumental tunes.

UPDATE: After flowing through the first two videos, as someone who has been practicing yoga on and off for a number of years I am finding the verbal cuing a bit fast. However, I do appreciate the constant reminders to take full inhales and exhales. I also like that the flows are no more than 25 minutes, just long enough to stretch out and reset before getting back to my computer.

Sign up for the free 21-day yoga challenge
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Hiking (well, leaping here) in New Zealand

With a month and change to go before I strap on my new Tortuga backpack to board a ten hour red eye flight to Europe, I’m freaking out. Not because I’m afraid of the current international climate, or because this will be my first long-term solo trip. These days, I’m Googling like mad for answers to my most pressing travel questions like, “How will I maintain my fitness routine abroad?”

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